Why You Should See a Herbalist

If you’ve ever wondered ‘why should I see a herbalist?’, especially when you’re feeling fine; you’re not alone. Most of us only seek medical intervention, be it traditional or natural medicine, when we’re ill or injured. We don’t consider being proactive or exploring alternative medicine.. So when should you see a herbalist and why?

Before we look at the reasons why you should see a herbalist, let’s just explain what a herbalist is. Herbalists utilise the natural powers of plants for therapeutic and medicinal use. By combining different combinations of leaves, flowers and roots of both dried and fresh plants, they can create a bespoke formulation that is tailored to each individual client. No two formulas will be identical.

Q: Why do you see a herbalist?

Prevention is easier and less costly than illness

As we go through life, we experience lots of aches and pains. Maybe it’s a toothache; maybe a stomach ache that doesn’t seem to want to go away or a change in toilet habits. We often ignore small symptoms that could very well turn into something more serious. In some cases, we can prevent more serious issues with some simple lifestyle and diet changes. A herbalist will be able to assess your issues and help you to address them before they get the chance to develop into something significant.

They can help to restore homeostasis

Herbalists believe that disease is always the result of an imbalance in one of these three things: Body, mind and/or spirit. To achieve positive health and wellness, all three should be in balance. In conventional medicine, the doctor will treat the symptoms of the problem. A herbalist will uncover the imbalance and help you to take the right steps to restore homeostasis.

Q: What do you see a herbalist for?

Gain a holistic picture of your health

When you first meet with a herbalist, they’ll want to carry out a full consultation. They’ll not only look at what’s going on in your body and if you’re currently undergoing any treatments or taking medicine, but they’ll look at all aspects of your life: your mental and emotional state, your nutrition and your lifestyle. Their treatment plan will be based on what they think you need to do to strengthen the parts of you that are currently holding weakness. Rather than being symptom-focused, they work holistically.

Q: Should I see a herbalist?

Yes. They’ll help you to decide on the best course of action

If you’re still asking yourself, ‘should I see a herbalist’ – think of it as having a life coach. It’s very difficult to take a truly objective view of yourself. A herbalist will help you to identify what you need in your life to improve your health and wellbeing. They’ll also help you to create and adopt a nutrition and lifestyle plan to strengthen and heal yourself.

They’re committed to helping you feel better

Herbalists are healers. They want you to feel better and understand how you can be and stay healthy. And if you’re wondering, what do you see a herbalist for? Well, they can help with a whole range of issues. Herbal medicine is safe to use with patients of all ages, including children and the elderly. It can be used to treat a wide range of complaints from allergies, the common cold, influenza and other respiratory problems to arthritis, joint and muscle issues, cardiovascular problems, digestive issues, skin health, hormonal and reproductive health, immunity and autoimmunity and anxiety and stress.

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