Naturopathy or “nature cure” encompasses the practise of nutrition, herbal medicine and homoeopathy. Naturopathy places an emphasis on a preventative approach to healing and treating the cause of a disease state.

Naturopathy is much more than simply replacing drugs with natural remedies. It is a system that marries ancient wisdom with modern science. Effective, healing and cleansing natural medicines are utilised to promote wellness and prevent disease by stimulating the body’s own immune and healing responses. Benefits of naturopathic wellness care include a holistic approach, minimal or no side effects, cost effectiveness and direct personalised treatment of the cause of the condition.

A Naturopathic Consultation

Marisa will spend an hour recording a thorough medical case history, including dietary evaluation, and performing diagnostic techniques such as iridology and any appropriate physical examinations.
This information is pooled together to arrive at specific therapeutic goals for each client which are implemented through the use of natural therapeutics, dietary advice and lifestyle changes.


Herbal medicine

Herbal medicine is the most universal and oldest known form of medicine. Herbs have a broad spectrum of uses and target specific areas of the body. For example Marisa has a group of herbs that work on the female reproductive area, within this group there are herbs that target the uterus and ovaries, herbs that are astringent (useful for heavy periods or haemorrhage), herbs that have a hormonal effect (useful for menopause and PMS). This enables Marisa to prescribe a herbal medication that is tailor made for you. Clients suffering from the same condition often require different herbs.



Homeopathy is a very precise system of medicine whereby minute doses of a substance is made potent by a special dilution process so that the medicine is low in concentration but high in energy. One of the principles of homeopathy is that individuals vary in their response to an illness according to their basic temperament. So a homeopath does not automatically prescribe a specific remedy for a specific illness. Instead, a homeopath tries to determine the client’s temperament and responses and so prescribes on a more individual basis. Clients suffering from the same disease often require different homeopathics. Conversely, another group of patients with different diseases may all benefit from the same remedy.


Nutritional and dietary advice

A Naturopath believes that there is a strong relationship between diet and food sensitivities to health problems. Recent research repeatedly shows that a healthy diet changes our DNA in a positive way. Therefore Marisa focuses on balanced quantities of the basic building blocks of health i.e. vitamins and minerals, proteins, carbohydrates and fats in the diet. As a nutritionist Marisa will consult you on the diet regime you need to follow for balanced nutrition and healthy life.



Iridology is the examination of the iris – the coloured part of the eye. Every organ of the body corresponds with a section of the iris. Through various markings, signs and discolourations in the iris, inherited weaknesses and strengths become apparent. Although iridology cannot diagnose a disease it can point out specific areas of the body that are overactive or underactive. Iridology is a safe, non-invasive and painless tool that naturopaths use to detect underlying signs of developing disease at the earliest stage so individuals can be advised of preventative strategies.


Ketogenic Weight and Fat Loss management

Ketosis, or the process of burning fat for energy, is one of the most successful, scientific ways to reduce fat. Conventional low-fat high-carbohydrate diets are failing to curb the obesity epidemic while protein and fat-adequate, low-carbohydrate diets, which encourage fat burning, provide a substantial amount of additional benefits beyond fat reduction such as improving cardiovascular health and sugar metabolism, and reducing high risk obesity related diseases.

Marisa focusses on good quality fats and proteins which provide much better sources of long-lasting energy than carbohydrates and therefore leave you satisfied after eating. This pattern of eating makes it possible to achieve a fat loss of 1 – 3 kg per week. By burning fat and maintaining lean muscle it is possible to acquire the desired body fat percentage and maintain the healthiest body composition.

Marisa also provides the nutritional support you need to encourage fat loss until you reach your goal weight and to help keep the fat off long term. Marisa also performs a body composition test which will let you know how much of your weight is muscle, fat and fluid which is invaluable in determining what your ideal weight actually is.


Detoxification Programs

A naturopathic detoxification program helps to clear toxins from your body giving you more energy, promoting better sleep and improving your state of wellness. Marisa can guide you through a comprehensive detox program that is done in stages so that your body can keep up with the toxic clearance and you feel better . . .not worse. A comprehensive detox program is a valuable preventative tool and imperative as part of a preconception care regime to ensure an optimal pregnancy.


Ear Candling

Ear candling is a safe, painless, relaxing, non-invasive effective and therapeutic technique

Ear candling has at its foundation two primary physical actions:

The slight under pressure inside the candle and the vibration of the rising air column serve to gently massage the ear drum and promote secretion from the sinuses there by regulating ear pressure.
Locally applied warmth stimulates the circulation, invigorates the immune system and improves the flow of lymph.

Ear Candling can help:

  • Sinusitis
  • Ringing in the ears
  • Hearing loss
  • Removal of excess wax in the ears
  • Headaches and migraines
  • Vertigo
  • Meniere ’s syndrome
  • Nausea
  • Irritability
  • Nervous tension and stress


Low Carb and Gluten Free Foods

Melbourne Naturopathic Wellness offers a range of tasty low carb and gluten free foods such as wraps, bread, chocolate, breakfast cereal, cakes, muffins and sauces. To place your order please call Marisa on 0412 292 171.


Corporate Services

Marisa is the chosen naturopath for corporate wellness programs for a number of different companies including Oracle, ANZ, Coca Cola, Estee Lauder, Note Printing Australia, City West Water, KPMG , Productivity Commission, Corpfit, Fit and Healthy Business and Fitness2Live.

If you are looking for a competent practitioner to provide professional and friendly service to your employees please contact Marisa for further information.

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