Facial dermatitis, self-esteem

``The consultations are low key and informative. Nothing is rushed and nothing is forced. The session begins as a conversation and then evolves and directs towards a solution.

My condition began to change almost instantly and has been steady since meeting with Marisa.As my condition is a type of facial dermatitis it is very important for my self-esteem to present well and keep my dermatitis from flaring up.

My partner, colleagues, family and most importantly myself have all seen an instant reaction, therefore my biggest reaction to the consultations is happiness.

I was looking for a relatively fast and cost effective solution to my problems and thus far have been more than satisfied.

Marisa will really listen to the signs that the body is putting forward but also to your thoughts and worries during a consolation, then a manageable plan is put into place.

I would return for a consultation regarding another condition in the future.

Marisa is calming and listening whilst also informative. Text messages two days prior to confirm the appointment are also very professional.

I would recommend MNW to my friends, colleagues and partner.``

Lia - Melbourne

“Foggy” feeling.

Health is very important to me as I have known for a long time what it is to not feel well. Since attending this clinic, Marisa has developed a treatment plan which I can see working every day. My general good health has returned and I have lost that “foggy” feeling I had to deal with for so long. I value her knowledge and experience and wish I had found her sooner before my condition had deteriorated to the point that it had. She comes with my highest recommendation.

KH - Altona

My condition has been very stable for many months. I (now) have no kidney stones, I have lost weight and my blood sugar levels are under control.

Syd Barbara - Melbourne


I feel that I am in the hands of someone I can trust. I was listened to, I was being helped . . . my questions were being answered.

Jeanette Valentan - Melbourne

``I feel much more comfortable.``

Marisa is great, she is very helpful and provides good customer service. Since consulting Marisa I feel much more comfortable. I would recommend Marisa to my friends & colleagues

Carmen Belli - Melbourne

More energy

I have been very pleased with Marisa’s consultations. She is very thorough, professional and caring and takes the time to really sort out the best treatment which has proven to be really effective. Marisa’s support during and between consultation has been excellent. I like the cautious approach, the monitoring and I really appreciate the time set aside just for me. When I started, I wasn’t sure what the result would be then Marisa suggested a plan of treatment that I have been very happy with. I now have much more energy which is very important to me in trying to balance my job and my hobbies!.

Lynne Horwood - Melbourne

``More than we could wish for.``

We have told all our friends and family about Naturopathy and what great results we have had . . . more than we could wish for. Our 2 year old daughter Freya was following her growth line on the weight chart but she never seemed that interested in food, did not have a big appetite and meal times were becoming increasingly stressful for all of us. After just one visit and a couple of days taking the herbal medicine Freya was coming to us and asking for food, something she had never done before. She is using words like “delicious” and “more” when she is eating rather than saying “no more” or “finished”. It is no longer a stressful process trying to get her to eat. It also meant Freya was no longer waking up so often at night, which has been great for the whole family – we all have more energy. Very impressed with how quickly it worked. I thought we would be spending a lot of time and money before we found the right herbal medicine for Freya but the one Marisa suggested worked first time. Since taking the herbal medicine it’s like having a different child in the house and meal times are enjoyable for the whole family. It’s really heartbreaking watching your child refuse to eat and knowing that she will be awake half the night wanting a formula feed to make up for the lack of food during the day, the changes we have seen in Freya over such a short period have been amazing and meant the whole family is now getting some well deserved sleep. I wish we had tried this a year ago! The results speak for themselves Freya went from 11.3 kg to 11.7 kg in just 2 weeks. Thank you so much you have made 3 people much happier than they imagined possible from a herb! And given us all a decent night sleep.

Michelle Smith - Melbourne

``Chronic fatigue is gone.``

Marisa presents a professional caring manner that encourages trust in her, she has a very positive attitude and is very knowledgeable. The atmosphere of the clinic is conducive to relaxation and all personnel are helpful and caring. My expectation was to have a naturopath to take over the management of my chronic condition and this has meet both my needs and expectations. It is excellent to have email contact so that when meds run out you are able to communicate and get replacements and it is also good to give Marisa feedback on the improvements in the condition being treated. I have SLE (Lupus), Fibromyalgia Syndrome (FMS), Chronic Fatigue (CFS) and Rheumatoid Arthritis (RA). I take a lot of medication and have done so for nearly 3 years. Since working with Marisa the Chronic fatigue is gone, the brain fogginess that goes with FMS has gone and I am able to concentrate again. All these and the sleep issues associated wit FMS were almost disabling due to the pain that lack of stage 4 sleep would create. None of the normal pain relief would work for this pain. My sleep has now improved so much that if I do have a bad nights sleep it is not wiping me out and I feel that most of the time I am getting sleep that is beneficial. The pain is abated as an extra bonus. My reason for attending was to have someone drive and manage a path to help me recover from my conditions as conventional medicine is unable to cure SLE. Since attending there has been a marked change in my condition and the changes are all good. Marisa inspires with her quiet, positive attitude and the results speak for themselves. I used to spend Friday evening to Monday morning trying to recover enough to face another week at work. I was in constant pain which was only relieved by taking a sleeping tablet (or 2) to ensure I got the correct Stage 4 sleep. No more, Friday evening I have excellent energy levels and this carries through the weekend and the week. My concentration levels are back to normal and the pain is nearly all gone. Thank you very much Marisa!.

Denise Terry - Melbourne

``I feel much happier within myself, more confident and positive.``

I’m a big fan of Marisa’s friendly approach. . . . very pleased with the level of professionalism and general comfort level! I feel much happier within myself, more confident and positive, that I can reach my goals. I’m definitely back into the swing of enjoying life and have a whole new outlook! Truly a positive experience and one that encourages you to keep going. Since attending these consultations, I have lost more than 10% of my body weight, my skin is clearer, my chest is no longer wheezy and I JUST FEEL GOOD! Thank you, you will be seeing me again!

Kerrie-Anne Purchase

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