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Marisa Camilleri is a qualified and dedicated naturopath, herbalist, homeopath and nutritionist with 26 years of experience

Ready for Optimal Health? Try a Consultation with a Newcastle Naturopath

Good health is something we tend to take for granted, until it’s taken away from us. For those of you who live with debilitating health conditions, optimal health may seem impossible to reclaim. However, a visit to our naturopath servicing Newcastle could completely change your situation. If you have been suffering from chronic pain, or struggling to conceive, or even feeling permanently exhausted, it’s high time you visited our Newcastle naturopath online. Some people put their faith solely in conventional Western medicine, but this might actually be more harmful than you think. Of course, there is a place for conventional medicine, particularly for acute conditions which require surgery. However, pharmaceutical interventions often treat the symptoms rather than the cause of the issue. With the growing popularity of nutritional medicine, more and more “alternative” treatments are becoming mainstream. We’ve been offering treatments for over twenty years, and we are now bringing our naturopathy clinic serving Newcastle residents and in the ease of your home.

What is Naturopathy?

Naturopathy is a primary care health system, which was developed hundreds of years ago. Harnessing the body’s innate ability to heal itself, naturopathy can be seen as a gentler yet effective way to treat illness. At our Moonee Beach naturopathic clinic serving Newcastle residents online, we see patients who are presenting a range of symptoms from digestive issues to skin ailments and even serious illnesses. The beauty of naturopathy is that it can be used to alleviate symptoms of disease which is not widely understood or treatable using conventional pharmaceutical approaches.The stress of modern life is leaving many of us totally exhausted. Long term, this can manifest into more serious illnesses. Our online naturopathic clinic has helped people with illnesses such as cancer, Alzheimer’s, and leukaemia, but it has a huge range of applications.

Are You Tired of Being Tired? Seek an Online Naturopath From Your Newcastle Home!

If you feel flat and lacking in energy, or are experiencing brain fog or digestive issues, our naturopath for gut issues can help. We also consult on respiratory and cardiovascular issues, the nervous system, and many more other areas of healthcare. Read the full list of ailments naturopathy can help with. Our director, Marisa has over two and a half decades of experience, and is a fully qualified nutritionist and naturopath at her practice, Naturopathic Wellness. When you visit our naturopathic clinic serving Newcastle, we will take down a full medical history to get to the bottom of what is causing your symptoms. In addition to naturopathic remedies, we may also offer lifestyle advice such as changing diet plans through naturopathy, increasing exercise, and eliminating toxins. + Read More

Many of our happy clients might have come wanting to lose some weight, but after treatment they have found that in addition to weight loss, they have regained optimal wellbeing. Don’t just take our word for it, read some of the many testimonials we have received to validate the work we do. Naturopathy can also be used in the treatment of autism and ADHD, and we have a special range of services for children. These days many children are being diagnosed with allergies, but these can be alleviated through consultation with our expert naturopath, Marisa. Reach out to us today to make an initial consultation appointment with our naturopath in Sydney because it’s online and available anywhere. It’s never too early or late to take control of your health.

What Therapies Are Available With The Best Naturopath Available For Newcastle?

Feeling tired, in pain, or unmotivated? Have you seen a doctor who “can’t find anything wrong”? It might be time to expand your search for wellness by checking out the best naturopath servicing Newcastle.

Clients come to us time and time again looking for relief from aches and pains, looking to boost their immune system after their third cold in a month. Looking for a natural approach to their overall health, as well as their specific symptoms.

Detoxification has helped many of our clients feel rejuvenated, with better sleep patterns and significantly fewer unhealthy snack cravings. By purging your body of the harmful buildup of substances that disrupt your natural patterns, you can embrace life with more energy, less bloating, clearer skin and boosted immunity – as well as giving nasty migraines the boot.

Several herbal supplements assist with detoxification, such as ginger, beetroot, artichoke and garlic, amongst others. Including these in your diet is a great way to eliminate toxins daily, rather than allowing them to build. Why not try a lemon and ginger tea in the morning to put a spring in your step?

Diet is an incredibly important aspect of your overall health. We cannot get all the vitamins and minerals we need through our diet, so it may be that you’re recommended to make a few adjustments. In the long term, a healthy diet is incredibly beneficial and it doesn’t have to be bland or unexciting either.

We offer a variety of alternative therapies here at Naturopathic Wellness, and they may be recommended alone or in combination with others. And the best online naturopath for Newcastle residents will determine the unique combination curated specifically for you.

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The results I have seen in such a short amount of times (within a week) have been short of amazing.

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Marisa is phenomenal! Apart from being open to answering questions, she's an excellent listener.

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Nebula Fatigue & Low Energy

Only within a few months, I feel like a different person! I would highly recommend Marisa.

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Marisa and her services were exactly what I needed to get my health and weight back on track.

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