Lia Wiyono – Melbourne

The consultations are low key and informative. Nothing is rushed and nothing is forced. The session begins as a conversation and then evolves and directs towards a solution.

Since consulting MNW my condition began to change almost instantly and has been steady since meeting with Marisa.
As my condition is a type of facial dermatitis it is very important for my self-esteem to present well and keep my dermatitis from flaring up.
I was looking for a relatively fast and cost effective solution to my problems and thus far have been more than satisfied.

My partner, colleagues, family and most importantly myself have all seen an instant reaction, therefore my biggest reaction to the consultations is happiness.

Marisa really listened to the signs that the body is putting forward but also to my thoughts and worries during a consolation, then a manageable plan is put into place.
I will continue to visit Marisa to maintain and would certainly visit for any other problems.
I have also recommended MNW to my family, friends and colleagues.

Marisa is calming and listens whilst also informative. Text messages one/ two days prior to confirm the appointment are also a very professional touch.

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