Is dehydration the cause of your health issues?

Summer is well and truly here and for most things that can be bothersome at this time of year the answer can be so simple. It is something that we have all been told and we know we need to do it – to stay well hydrated.

When you consider that the body is 75-80% water it becomes clearer as to why it is imperative to remain hydrated. H2O (water) is the medium that everything moves and flows in your system so dehydration can manifest as the following:

  1. Bloating and water retention: This may sound counterintuitive but when our bodies do not know when the next drop is coming then it will hold onto water and begins to retain sodium. The result is swelling in the body because your body retains fluid to counter the lack of water consumption.
  1. High blood pressure: Proper hydration helps the heart pump the blood more easily therefore reducing blood pressure.
  1. Allergies including asthma, eczema and hayfever:  Histamines are produced during allergic reactions to regulate our immune response and eliminate the allergen.  When the body is dehydrated more histamines are created. This heightened level of histamines circulating the body responds more readily to harmless compounds therefore developing allergic reactions.
  1. Skin problems:  The skin is one the body’s largest eliminative organs so it needs substantial water intake to flush toxins. Dehydration can easily irritate the skin potentially resulting in acne, premature ageing, eczema and other skin conditions.
  1. Unhealthy ageing: Every single cell in our bodies require water for every function.  Dehydration makes our cells work harder to perform basic functions as they are shrivelled up rather than nice and juicy so they age faster.  
  1. Aches and pains: The padding around our cartilage is predominately water, so dehydration can contribute to stiff joints.
  1. Lack of concentration/mood swings: Your brain cannot survive without oxygen for more than five minutes. It follows that dehydration or a lack of H2O (hydrogen and oxygen) can negatively affect concentration and mood. 
  1. Bacteria build up: Proper hydration helps with proper elimination of microbes. Once our immune system has done its job the remnants need to be flushed out. Dehydration can cause these microbes to accumulate in our bladder and kidneys.

How much water do I need to drink?

A good rule of thumb is to drink 1L for every 25kg you weigh. So if you weigh 75kg then you would need to drink 3L. This may sound like a lot but the body is 75-80% water and every process in your body needs water to properly perform these functions.

If you are drinking the right amount of water but still getting symptoms…

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