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Marisa Camilleri is a qualified and dedicated naturopath, herbalist, homeopath and nutritionist with 25 years experience committed to helping you achieve your goals to gain optimum wellness and vitality so you can enjoy and get the most out of life.

Marisa Camilleri is a qualified and dedicated naturopath, herbalist, homeopath and nutritionist with 26 years of experience

Why You Should See a Fertility Naturopath

If you are finding it difficult to conceive, a fertility naturopath may be able to help. Marisa Camilleri is a well-respected fertility naturopath and has helped countless couples to overcome this issue. If you’ve never considered any kind of women’s health naturopath before, let us explain a little more about how naturopathic therapies can aid with fertility problems and what to expect from Naturopathic Wellness. Marisa, our director, is known for not only her years of knowledge within this field, of which she has over twenty but also her caring and friendly approach that helps clients to get (usually fast) results.

Being unable to conceive when you’re hoping to start a family can be extremely distressing and emotionally draining. Whether you’ve been trying for a while and you’re already undergoing some kind of conventional treatment or you’re just beginning to realise that things aren’t happening for you, we can help.

As a naturopathic fertility specialist for over two and a half decades, Marisa understands the issues faced by couples who are unable to conceive. She believes that facing the issues sooner rather than later is often the best way to achieve a positive outcome as it helps you to feel more in control of the situation. Through a series of diagnostic tests and an assessment of your lifestyle, including diet, exercise, and physical and mental health, Marisa can put together a tailor-made treatment plan designed around your specific needs. Your treatment plan will include a combination of targeted therapies, nutritional, health and lifestyle advice together with ongoing support. Carry on reading to check out some of our top tips that will help you to enhance your fertility naturally.

Top Tips To Enhance Your Fertility Naturally

Alongside working with a fertility naturopath, there are some other things that you can do which will help enhance your fertility naturally.

Our first tip is to follow a naturopathic fertility diet which involves eating organic foods. Switching to organic food will help you to detoxify your system and provide it with a much-needed nutrient boost that can potentially increase your chances of falling pregnant. Organic food will limit your exposure to pesticides and hormones that are no good for your body, and we would also recommend steering clear of foods that are wrapped in clingfilm. Switch to glass bottles instead of plastic and avoid salads that are bagged as these can cause you to be exposed to lots of toxins and bacteria inside them.

Our second top tip to enhance your fertility naturally is to try and help your liver as much as you possibly can. If you smoke, now is the time to quit. You should try to avoid microwaving food and remove caffeine and drink herbal teas recommended by our herbalist. A great way to help your liver eliminate toxins is with lemon or ginger tea. Try to eat at least five portions of fruit and vegetables every day as this will increase your nutrient intake and help aid bowel elimination. Whether you need a fertility naturopath in Melbourne or somewhere else in Australia, we’ve got you covered.

Eating oily fish is our third top tip as these fatty acids will help to regulate your hormones. Tuna is a no-go due to its higher mercury content, but sardines, herring and mackerel are all great options. Seeds are also a fantastic source of fatty acids, and we would recommend incorporating flax, sesame or pumpkin seeds into your diet

Finally, our last top tip to help you improve your fertility naturally is to make sure that you are getting enough vitamin E. Vitamin E is found in wheat germ, vegetable oils, sesame seeds and sardines. It is important to make sure you are getting enough zinc alongside vitamin E too which can be found in seeds and fresh ginger. Come and see Marisa, the leader in women’s health naturopath to find out what else can be improved in your diet.

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Putting Together a Tailored Treatment Plan to Increase Your Chances of Conceiving

While IVF undoubtedly offers an amazing opportunity to become parents, it’s not for everyone. It can be incredibly expensive and there are no guaranteed results. When you work with a naturopath specialising in fertility, you’ll experience a more holistic approach to conception. While, just like IVF, we can’t guarantee results, we give you the best chance of conceiving naturally.

To gain the insights we need to create your personalised plan, we’ll look at many things from your medical history to your lifestyle habits and behaviours. We’ll also carry out a series of appropriate tests, the results of which will help us to determine the best way to proceed. From there, Marisa will create a plan for you to follow which will involve changes to your lifestyle. We wholeheartedly believe in this proactive approach to creating optimum wellness. It’s a cost-effective solution that has proved successful for many couples in the past.

Why You Should Consider a Naturopathic Fertility Doctor

If you’ve searched for a naturopath treating fertility and we’ve come up in your search, you may be wondering why you should choose us over other naturopathic clinics. First of all, our director Marisa, has been a qualified naturopath for over 25 years. She gained her qualification from the leading naturopathic college in Australia. Over the last two and a half decades, she has helped thousands of people to improve their health and well-being with lots of success. Part of this success is due to Marisa’s genuine desire to help people and give them the best chance of reaching their desired health goals and outcomes.

Couples that are experiencing difficulty with fertility consult with a fertility naturopath for a variety of reasons. Why the physical side of the equation is undoubtedly the most pressing issue that has to be addressed to make their hopes and dreams come true, it is worth bearing in mind that the process of having a child can take its toll mentally.

Whether you have already been to other medical centres or treatment facilities and have undergone testing, or if you are at the start of the process and feel somewhat uncertain about what to expect, this can bring about stressful feelings. The issue of fertility is one that evokes a wide range of emotions in individuals and, in some instances, this can inevitably put a strain on the relationship.

As the best naturopath online today, here at Naturopathic Wellness, we believe that facing the issues that you are facing sooner rather than later is the ideal route to arriving at the most positive outcome possible. While the ultimate result will be achieved in different ways by different couples, it is important to bolster your efforts with a positive approach to the issue and a sense that you are taking control of it.

How We Use Naturopathy To Assess Your Fertility

Couples who embrace their problems as one stand a greater chance of navigating testing times more successfully and at least can feel united in their common goal. Speaking with a naturopath that is dedicated to helping you both to achieve what you want is positive support.

While a fertility naturopath will be focused on tailoring a plan that is designed around your specific needs, for many couples it is a route that affords them the chance to make changes to their life that can make an incredible difference in finally conceiving, but it is also a much more realistic approach with regards to the cost of the advice and the plan derived.

Naturally, a lot of conversations about fertility involve IVF treatments, which can be quite expensive and may not be possible for some couples. Fortunately, with the advice, care and support of a trained and highly-experienced naturopathic fertility specialist, you can expect to receive a tailored plan to follow that will greatly bolster your chances of conceiving.

Your medical history and diet, combined with a series of appropriate tests will help our naturopath to determine exactly how best to proceed. You ultimately leave the office with a road map to follow as well as advice with regards to how best to implement your new way of living, which will inevitably require some lifestyle changes. However, this proactive approach to overall wellness is a cost-effective solution that has worked for countless people in the past and it can work for you, too.

A Direct Personalised Fertility Treatment

At Naturopathic Wellness, we believe that each patient we consult with deserves nothing less than a direct personalised treatment that affords them every chance of achieving their goals. Naturopathic fertility treatment from a qualified practitioner with 25 years experience is accessible anywhere online now. We operate from relaxed and friendly clinics in Moonee Beach and also offer online consultations for all our services other than women’s health including naturopath for gut health, children’s naturopath, skin care, etc. Get in touch with us today either by calling 0412 292 171 or complete our online contact form and take those first steps by booking a consultation.

So, whether you want to determine the best naturopathic fertility diet for you, or if you want to come in and learn how best to change your life in a positive way to stand the best chance of conceiving, please do contact our fertility naturopath today to book an appointment.

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If you are looking for the very best fertility naturopath in your area, then you have come to the right place. Our director Marisa provides naturopathic fertility specialist that will help you in your fertility situation. We also offer naturopath solutions for children so that your whole family can be healthy and happy and also offer our naturopath treatment for other goals like weight loss and treating diabetes.  Contact us today using the website email form, or you can give us a call, and we will provide you with more information about the treatment we can offer you.
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