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Marisa Camilleri is a qualified and dedicated naturopath, herbalist, homeopath and nutritionist with 25 years experience committed to helping you achieve your goals to gain optimum wellness and vitality so you can enjoy and get the most out of life.

Marisa Camilleri is a qualified and dedicated naturopath, herbalist, homeopath and nutritionist with 26 years of experience

Why You Should See Our Naturopath For Children

Naturopathic Wellness Clinic provides children’s naturopath treatment for a range of illnesses. Our treatment focuses on promoting well-being as we identify what the unique aspects are of your child and then employing non-toxic natural therapies which allow us to restore balance within the body. To find out more about the benefits of naturopath treatment for children carry on reading.

Try an Alternative Treatment with a Kid’s Health Naturopath

As a parent, it’s only natural to feel concerned about your child’s health and well-being, especially if you notice something that isn’t deemed to be ‘normal’. From one-off illnesses such as colds and flu, infections and chicken pox to ongoing health issues such as asthma, allergies and skin conditions, it’s important to have an ally that you can turn to, to provide advice, guidance and relief or resolution. If you have sought the help of other professionals and still have concerns, it’s time to visit a kids health naturopathy clinic. But don’t just choose any ‘paediatric naturopath‘, visit Marisa and the team here at Naturopathic Wellness.

With over 25 years of experience in naturopathy, Marisa is at the forefront of the industry and has the knowledge needed to provide your child with optimum relief. Working alongside you, we discuss family history, medical history, your kid’s diet, nutrition, level of physical activity, lifestyle choices and more. In getting to know your child, we work to identify the root cause of the problems that they are experiencing if they are ongoing issues, and provide both short-term and long-term relief.

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Using a mixture of herbal medicines and supplements as well as nutritional advice and recommended lifestyle changes, we work to optimise your child’s health and well-being and assist them with living life to the fullest. Both short-term and long-term conditions won’t hold your kid back with the right advice and guidance. No matter your concern, our non-toxic, safe and effective therapies have you covered. We work to strengthen their immune systems from the inside out, enabling them to grow into the healthiest teens and adults that they can be and minimising your worry and stress over potential health concerns. + Read More

The Benefits Of Naturopathic Treatment For Children

Naturopathic treatment involves using traditional healing methods through nutrition, homeopathy and herbal medicines. We believe in treating the whole person to increase your overall general well-being. Here are some of the amazing benefits we think you will experience when you use our treatment plans.

The first big benefit you will receive is having your common ailment treated. Some of the most common problems we treat are allergies, digestive problems, psoriasis, eczema, colds and headaches. We also treat mental health issues too including depression and anxiety. Our professionals help you to manage these symptoms, so you can enjoy life.

Another big benefit of naturopathic therapy is it can be used as a sleeping aid. More and more people are experiencing sleep problems such as insomnia, and our medicine can offer relief. We do not use prescription drugs as the solution, instead using herbal medicine that will help you get a good night’s sleep once incorporated into your nightly regimen.

When you invest in naturopathic treatment, you are investing in prevention. This is the best way to try and combat disease from developing originally, and this is a central aim of everything that we do. Our main focus is to promote a healthy body and healthy immune system that will fight off disease, so you are not back looking for another cure.

Last, but not least, a great benefit of getting this type of treatment is that we offer a range of different treatment options. This can include herbal medicine, nutrition and homoeopathy. Focusing on nutrition is a big part of our therapy and will always be offered alongside any other treatments.

We provide a service that directly impacts and improves the health issues that affect our clients’ lives. If you know that you need to change things in your life in order to improve your health and quality of life, then our treatment plans will be a great option for you. Our treatment provides a clear plan of how we are going to tackle your issues and why each treatment is being prescribed to you.

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Here at the Naturopathic Wellness Clinic, we offer the very best children’s naturopath treatment in Moonee Beach (Coffs Harbour) & online. We can help your young ones with a range of different treatments for illnesses such as colic, chicken pox, impetigo, measles, mumps, whooping cough and reflux, plus many, many more. You can give our director Marisa a call on 0412 292 171 or fill out the on-site email form with your query, and we’ll be back in touch as quickly as possible.
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