Can A Naturopath Help with Anxiety?

Living with anxiety is personal, individual and can affect each individual differently. If you suffer from anxiety, you’ll likely have experienced a combination of sleepless nights, overwhelming worry, agitation, a racing heart, a restless mind and more unpleasant symptoms. First line treatments such as over-the-counter medications can provide short-term relief but don’t target the root cause of your anxiety. For long-term, effective treatment, seeking the advice and guidance of a naturopath can be very beneficial.

The benefits of naturopathy for treating anxiety

How do Naturopaths Treat Anxiety?

Naturopathic treatment focuses on the entire body in order to address the underlying causes of the condition. Assessing every aspect of your life, they will discuss your family history, medical history, your diet, level of physical activity, sleep patterns, emotional stressors and more. Then, they’ll implement measures that will help you to better deal with the feelings associated with anxiety whilst digging deeper to find the underlying cause.

Possible Causes of Anxiety

As a naturopath gets to know you in your time together, they will delve deeper into the potential causes for your anxiety and the stressors that can trigger or worsen anxious feelings. They’ll consider all aspects of your health and life including:

  • Genetic predisposition and any variations that could lead to heightened anxiety
  • Neurological imbalances in serotonin
  • Digestive dysfunction and the health of your gut
  • Dysfunction of the body’s stress response system

… and more.

The cause for your anxiety could be a single reason or it could be a number of the above. But rest assured, once the reason for your anxiety is identified, naturopaths work with you to put fixes in place.

What Treatments Do Naturopaths Use FOr Anxiety?

Once the cause or causes for your anxiety have been identified, a naturopath for anxiety will be able to put a plan in place that is catered to your exact needs. Possible treatments include:

Gut health treatments

A nutritional and diverse diet has been linked to reduced feelings of stress and anxiety-related behaviours. Your naturopath will consider your diet and lifestyle choices, giving advice, identifying food sensitivities and providing probiotics where needed.


Naturopaths utilise nutritional and botanical supplements to reduce the symptoms associated with anxiety such as panic attacks and insomnia. Potential supplements include GABA, hops, lavender and magnesium.

Lifestyle changes

As your anxiety naturopath gets to know you, they’ll be able to suggest changes to your lifestyle that will help to manage the condition. This could include mindfulness, yoga, breath work, a reduction of stimulants and more.

Are Naturopaths Good for Anxiety?

When it comes to the question of ‘are naturopaths good for anxiety?’, we invite you to see for yourself. At Naturopathic Wellness, we have your best interests at heart. Don’t suffer in silence, believing the anxiety that you feel is normal and something you should accept. Optimise your health and lifestyle with our expert team. We have the skills needed to keep those anxious feelings under control and ensure that they aren’t holding you back.

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