Naturopathy Melbourne & Other Treatments

“Melbourne Naturopathic Wellness is a Naturopathy practice in Melbourne specialising in wellness care, preventative care & fat loss. If it is not a medical emergency then Melbourne Naturopathic Wellness can help you! However Marisa can assist with the healing of a broken bones, ectopic pregnancy, heart attacks and strokes once the patient has been to hospital.

Quickly skim through the page to see if your condition is listed then call us so I get you back on the road to wellness with Naturopathy & other treatments.
If you have any further questions contact Marisa directly on 0412 292 171..”

Cardiovascular System

​Atherosclerosis, low and high blood pressure, varicose veins, Raynaud’s disease

Respiratory System

​Asthma, bronchiectasis, emphysema, bronchitis, influenza, pneumonia, lung cancer, giving up smoking
NOSE: sinusitis & congestion, hayfever, sore throat, tonsilitis, laryngitis
EARS: Otitis media, tympanic membrane perforation, dizziness, Meniere’s, tinnitus

Digestive System

Reflux oesophagitis, hiatus hernia, peptic ulcers, gastritis, stomach cancer
Crohns’, diverticulitis, irritable bowel, bowel cancer, ulcerative colitis, constipation & diarrhoea, flatulence, coeliac
Hepatitis & cirrhosis, gall stones & infections, pancreatitis and diabetes

Urinary System

Urinary tract infections & urinary stones

Reproductive System

MALE: prostate cancer & prostatic enlargement
FEMALE: PMS, menstrual irregularities, endometriosis, fibroids, polycystic ovaries, menopause, breast cancer, reproductive cancers & inflammations, Pre-conception care, infertility
STD’s: gonorrhoea, chlamydia, syphillis, candida, herpes

Nervous System

Strokes, MS, Alzheimers, Parkinsons’, shock & trauma, brain tumours, epilepsy, headaches & migraines
Sleep disorders, depression, anxiety, stress,
EYES: conjunctivitis, glaucoma, cataracts, chalzion, ptosis, keratitis

Musculoskeletal System

SLE, MG, gout, ankylosing spondylitis, Rheumatoid & osteoarthritis, osteoporosis, osteomalacia, bone tumours, sciatica, bruising, general aches, pains, stiffness & spasms


Acne, eczema/dermatitis, dandruff, hives, psoriasis, herpes zoster, skin cancers, warts, boils, itchiness

Haematological System

Anaemia, leukaemia, Hodgkins & Non-Hodgkins disease

Lymphatic System

Glandular fever, allergies, HIV, CFS

Endocrine System

Hypo/hyperthyroidism, jetlag


Balantis, bronchiolitis, chicken pox, colic, croup, febrility, impetigo, gastroenteritis, measles, mumps, whooping cough, reflux, ADHD


Detoxification and weight loss packages, dietary & lifestyle advice, even peculiar things such as a burning tongue!